The Premium MHM Tool Kit contains the following:

1. 8 medium sized washable reusable Menstrual pads.

2. A Ziplock Bag [for storing used pads before washing].

3. 2 pairs of underwear.

4. A 50g bar of washing soap.

5. A 50g satchet of detergent.

6. A 20ml tub of Hand Sanitizer.

7. 4 Tablets of OTC Anagelsic [Panadol].

8. A 20ml tub of Hand Cream.

9. An SBCC Leaflet.

10. 5Liter Bucket with a lid.

11. 2 Male Condoms.

12. 2 Female Condoms.

13. A Branded Carrier Bag.

14. 2 Pairs of Pegs.

15. A 35-piece Pack of Disposable Pads for use in times of Water Scarcity…